CRYPTOFORTUNE We Are The Perfect Trader, Advisory And Support Provider In Global Market.

We, not only provide the advisory & trading services but also helps traders understand the world’s most complex market. There has been many speculations about the Crypto Currencies but we strongly believe that Crypto is the future for all financial and non-financial transaction. That being the first reason we have pioneered in Crypto and to provide most transparent and precise prediction in crypto.


Our mission is to become customer-centric company with one statement of protecting the financial standards of all the surrounded entities. To be the socially responsible as well by providing all possible means to society to create a better tomorrow.


Reducing Risk – Maximising Profit

What an aspiring analyst has to offer to his loyal clients is largely abstract- and creative-thinking skills.

Precise Analysis & Prediction
Disciplined Trading With Calculated Risk
Honest & Genuine Advice
Experienced & Ethical

EVERY dip and rise is an opportunity in market, it is just about time you grab it.

Margin-Trading involves two important words, “Margin” and “Trading”. Trading means very short period of trade may be of minutes, hours or one/two days. Margin include one can trade with added financial strength given. For margin trader this simple as normal trading. You will just buy/sell as per our signals.
We will do Margin-Trade using following methods to gain maximum profit

  • Positional trade
  • Swing Trade
  • Day Trade
  • Scalp Trading

Margin-Trading is recommended to full time traders only. Those who cannot devote full time to trade they must opt for Investment products. Margin Trading requires full time and discipline towards trading.


  • Very High Quality Signals
  • Daily 5-12 Signals
  • Entry Price, Stop Loss & Take Profit
  • Multiple Entry & Exit
  • Advance Signal Update
  • Day Trading
  • Positional Trading
  • Swing Trade
  • Scalping
  • Bitcoins Analysis
  • Fresh Crypto News & Informations
  • Signals Binance/Bitmex
  • Technical Analysis
  • Fundamental Analysis Data
  • Trading Strategies
  • Investment Strategies
  • No Cross Promotion
  • 24/4 Support. Feel free to contact us on all our social media platforms or via +2347035284353


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