Iran takes nuclear threat to the next level

On Tuesday, the International Atomic Energy Agency reported that Iranian enriched uranium stocks are approaching levels required to produce a nuclear weapon.

According to the IAEA, Iran has recently tripled its uranium stockpile and is just shy of that which would be required, if transferred into high enrichment form, for a nuclear weapon. The IAEA also complained on Tuesday that Iran has failed to provide access to three sites it believes may be being used for covert nuclear activities. Two of these sites are undeclared, and one was previously identified by the Israeli Mossad intelligence service as a covert nuclear facility. The IAEA has found uranium traces at that third site.

The Trump administration needs to provide urgent answers here. The United States has, thus far, refused to comment on the IAEA news, but considering the IAEA’s heavy reflex toward caution in its declaration, its statements here should be taken as highly credible. It is highly likely that the U.S. intelligence community has come to the same conclusion as the IAEA.


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